Daisy, Misty, and Socko-My Cats and I

Basic Information on Daisy

  Daisy (Daisy Cook) is a white cat with yellowish brown eyes.  She is three years old and her birth date is October 2nd, 2007.  This page should tell you all you want to know on this cat.  If not, then write an entry on the Contact page and suggest a section to this page, and then that page should be on the web in no time.

How We Met

  One cool December afternoon, about a week or so before Christmas, my mom and dad (Teresa and David Cook) told me that I was getting a new early Christmas present.  Excited as ever, I sprinted down the stairs with glee like a crazy kangaroo.  I was in about third grade at this time, and I was pondering with curious thoughts in my head, wondering deeply what I would be getting, although I knew very well that I would be getting it very soon, only in the next few minutes!  I made several guesses of what it may have been: A video game, a model ice skating arena, a new bike, etc.  But truly, to be honest, none of them were the correct answer. 
  Sooner or later, once I had finally gotten down the steps, my dad was soon coming up the stairs with a bag, a bag that seemed to be moving a little, and he brought it up to the rug.  
  The item in the bag released itself, and when I saw what the present really was, my heart began to race, my emotion began to lighten up, and what was the thing being who was coming out of this bag?  A kitten!

Trivia On Daisy

Fur Color: Solid White
Eye Color: Yellowish Brown
Skin Color: Pinkish
Nickname(s): Swoopy, Daiso
Personality: Sweet, skampish, movement plentiful, curious
Favorite Spot(s): Sunny Spot in Teresa and David's bedroom, Cat Bed
Favorite Food: Beef Feast in Gravy
Trick(s): Zooming upstairs, coming when called, noticing when others are called (including humans), wild cat-like sounds
Hobby: Pouncing, lying in sun, spending time with people and other cats 
Daisy by a pole