Daisy, Misty, and Socko-My Cats and I


  Daisy, Misty, and Socko are three cats who live with me at my house here at Tellico Plains, Tennessee.  In the image on the left, Misty is the multi-colored one (black, white, tan, and gray) on the left and Daisy is the white one on the right.  Socko on the other paw, is small (because he's a kitten) and has pale orange fur with white stripes.  All three of these cats are warming, relaxing, and fun and absolutely cool to learn about!  They all have their very own personalities and preferances, and sometimes, it can be quite shocking, almost as if they are just fictional (that is not at all true though).  So beware of a great suprise of shock and liveliness in this heart-warming, totally hot website!
  This site is all about me, my cats, and my kitten.  Enjoy!

  Watch out for fun information, quotes, contact forms, pictures, blogs, trivia, and more!  (Links from Catster.com included)