Daisy, Misty, and Socko-My Cats and I

Basic Information On Misty

  Misty (Misty Cook) is a black, white, tan, and gray multi-colored cat with bright green eyes.  She is twelve years old and her birth date is sometime in June, 1998.  This page should tell you all you need to know about this cat.  If not, then write an entry on the Contact page and write a suggestion on what I should do.

How We Met

  Truly enough, I was just a baby when this cat first came to our house back in Cleveland, so therefore, I don't really know exactly what happened when we first got her, however, this is what I've so far heard:
  Two boys (dog lovers I and my family members believe we would predict) were literally throwing her around.  She was a kitten then, so therefore I'm sure that she was light and feeble and unable to protect herself very well.  Sooner or later, my mom came out and totally chewed them out, then took the kitten away, and this kitten is now a great cat, here at our house, purring and lying on the bed in my parents' bedroom.

Trivia On Misty

Fur Color: Black, White, Tan, and Gray
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pink  
Nickname(s): Mist, Histy, Miss Hiss
Personality: Clever, Cool, and Independant
Favorite Spot(s): David and Teresa's Bedroom in Sun, Under the Bed (any bed)
Favorite Food: Purina Cat Chow
Trick(s): Opening doors individually, chase tail for hours, fear factor (eating huge beetles)
Hobby: Sniffing and Checking Out Something New, Hiding, Playing and Fiddling With Toy Mice
Misty (left) eating treats with Daisy and I watching