Daisy, Misty, and Socko-My Cats and I

Daisy Quotes

"I'm cool, I'm sweet, but I must be favorite."
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, meaning Misty, believe it or not, is truly partially my friend."
"I will purr when I'm happy, I will grunt when I'm sad, I will meow when I'm urged, I will hiss or growl when I'm bothered, meaning that I will run when I'm mad."

Misty Quotes

"There shall be no butt-kicking in MY bed!" 
"Don't you yell like that you naughty, naughty human!  I will only respect the who respects me!"
"People who hate me will come back as mice in their second lives."

Socko Quotes

"Curiosity never killed anything! (Bang!)"
"Humans are like trucks, they take you where you want to go, but sometimes, it takes some steering to make them take us to it." 
"... "But I like the feast."

  Cat quotes are great.  They are funny and sweet.  However, beware that some of these quotes are mistaken for qlue, for they can stick in your head for hours at a time.